conversations with Mina (episode 1)

February 2014

I: Mina, you’re so good at sharing.

Mina: It’s hard when I’m mad.

I: You’re right…

Mina: Only happy kids can do it.

Papa & I: You’re so right.

Mina: It’s not nice when you don’t share.

Papa: Yeah, it’s hard when you don’t have enough…but it’s okay, we always do what’s right.

Mina: Bad people don’t share. I’m not bad people; I’m good people, right Papa. I share!


the art of loving: food

Gallery: Photos from April – October! Click on a photo for details or to enlarge and view as a slideshow.

As you can see, we love to cook! I love to cook for my family and friends. For me, it’s both an expression and a sharing of love. It brings me pure joy to spend time in the kitchen, labor over a dish or two, and then share them with loved ones. Seeing their faces light up with delight, I live for those moments of shared happiness. I can’t take credit for all these dishes. Some were made by my husband, and others were a joint effort. One of the many things we love to share. I love being in the kitchen with him, together preparing a special meal, a glass of wine in hand, wrapped in our world of aromas. Exchanging a dash of tenderness here, a pinch of love there. No longer a mundane chore, it’s our way of celebrating each other and our loved ones. In these moments, I feel love most intimately. The Art of Loving, indeed! Happy Loving!!!

(If you’re not familiar with this title, “The Art of Loving” by Erich Fromm, I urge everyone to pick this up today and start reading! Life-changing, amazing read; timeless piece of writing! ENJOY :))

P.S. If you’d like a recipe for any of the dishes, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do a post!  I’ve provided links to online recipes when available; just click on the photo for details.