festa @ casa di mina

Continuing to practice the art of loving, one shared meal at a time 🙂

Gallery: Photos from November – February. Click on a photo to enlarge and view as a slideshow;  I’ve provided links to online recipes when available.

If you missed these, please check out manja manja, Minathe art of loving: food, and meals, desserts, and snacks for Mina.

summer garden, sweet harvest 2012

We love our garden (thanks to my husband who has a greener thumb than me but I’m learning!). We love most to share this beautiful garden and all its fruits with Mina. She’s our garden girl 🙂

manja manja, Mina

Gallery: Mina meals. I’ve provided links to online recipes when available; just click on the photo for details.

Mina is an amazing eater; she loves food, just like her Mama and Papa! After a delicious bite, she comments, “un, oishii!” (yes, tasty!) with an approving nod and a seriousness that tickles us silly! Cooking is all the more fun and fulfilling with my Mina!

If you missed these, please check out the art of loving: food and meals, desserts, and snacks for Mina.

the art of loving: food

Gallery: Photos from April – October! Click on a photo for details or to enlarge and view as a slideshow.

As you can see, we love to cook! I love to cook for my family and friends. For me, it’s both an expression and a sharing of love. It brings me pure joy to spend time in the kitchen, labor over a dish or two, and then share them with loved ones. Seeing their faces light up with delight, I live for those moments of shared happiness. I can’t take credit for all these dishes. Some were made by my husband, and others were a joint effort. One of the many things we love to share. I love being in the kitchen with him, together preparing a special meal, a glass of wine in hand, wrapped in our world of aromas. Exchanging a dash of tenderness here, a pinch of love there. No longer a mundane chore, it’s our way of celebrating each other and our loved ones. In these moments, I feel love most intimately. The Art of Loving, indeed! Happy Loving!!!

(If you’re not familiar with this title, “The Art of Loving” by Erich Fromm, I urge everyone to pick this up today and start reading! Life-changing, amazing read; timeless piece of writing! ENJOY :))

P.S. If you’d like a recipe for any of the dishes, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do a post!  I’ve provided links to online recipes when available; just click on the photo for details.

Family dinner menu on Oct 12

My husband and I both LOVE to cook (one of the lovely things we share!). Last week, with work being hectic AND adjusting back to Cali time (from Tokyo time, a 16-hour difference), he cooked all our dinners…and yes, I was feeling bad and very guilty, so here’s my I’m-making-it-up-to-you-guys dinner menu:

Zuppa di Cavolfiori | Cauliflower Soup

Photo: Soup simmering on the stovetop (love our le creuset!!)

Veal Scallopine Piccata | Veal Scallopine in Lemon-Caper Sauce

My husband loved both these new recipes; he’s a big fan of olives (me not so much…the things you do for love!); these are a keeper!

Mina loved it, too, especially, the cauliflower soup; she even had seconds! The soup is super healthy with onions, carrots, lentils, and of course, cauliflower!

Happy Cooking! Happy Eating!! Happy Loving!!!

Recipes are from Lidia’s Italy:

Zuppa di Cavolfiori: http://www.lidiasitaly.com/recipes/detail/1104

Veal Scallopine Piccatahttp://www.lidiasitaly.com/recipes/detail/783

meals, desserts, and snacks for Mina

Gallery: Photos of meals I made for Mina this year from May – October! Click on a photo for details or to enlarge and view as a slideshow.

I love food. I love to eat, to cook, even to watch cooking shows or browse our cookbooks for hours on end! I owe this to my mom, or Mama as I call her. She’s the best cook I know and she does it so effortlessly (wish and aspire to be as great a cook as she)! Thanks to her, I love vegetables and fruits just as much as anything else (I don’t understand the concept of not liking vegetables; they’re so delicious!). So when I got pregnant, it was very important to me|us to offer our baby a healthy, balanced diet with a variety of flavors. I read and believed that what I eat not only nourishes the baby, but also shapes their palate and food memories while in the womb. What I ate affected the flavor and scent of the amniotic fluid. I didn’t change my diet during my pregnancy as we’re healthy eaters to begin with, but I was conscious to eat and expose my baby to a wide variety of flavors that I love. I’m a third-generation Korean, born and raised in Japan, and have lived in the States since college (quite complicated to say the least!), so I made sure to expose her not only to Japanese and Korean flavors (yes, even spicy! only when she was in my womb) but also to American, Greek, Italian, Indian, Persian and other flavors. Once Mina was about 5 months, we started solids because she was staring and moving her mouth during our meals! Inspired by Mama, I did my best to make fresh foods for her every day. Fresh vegetable and fruit purees. I have to note that the Beaba Babycook was amazing (it’s a small food processor-blender-steamer in one) and I still use it to this day for smoothies!! She was, and still is, a great eater! She loves food just like Mama!

My love for food has been the bestest gift from Mama. I, too, want to give this gift to Mina. So I do my best…but I hate to admit, I don’t do it every day; I’d like to think I do most days.

Happy Cooking! Happy Eating!! Happy Sharing!!!

P.S. If you’d like a recipe for any of the meals, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do a post (if I can remember how I made it 🙂 haha)!