conversations with Mina (episode 2)

Our bedtime conversation with our not-yet-4 Mina back in October 2014:

Mina: When I’m 4, I can do what I want, right?
I: Um, no, maybe when you’re 21, you can do what you want.
Mina: Like go to a bar?
Papa & I: (laugh) Yes.
Mina: I’m going to very miss you guys when I move.
Papa & I: (reassuringly) You don’t have to worry about it yet because we will be together for a very long time.

Backstory: Papa went to bars to catch the SF Giants play in the World Series then and he’d explain to her she couldn’t come with him until she was 21. Funny but somehow her brain stored that piece of information to be used at an opportune time like this one 😉 Around this time, we also talked about going away for college because her big sister goes to school in the East Coast, and this, too, stuck with her and she clearly wasn’t ready to move out and leave us just yet, our sweet pea ❤

conversations with Mina (episode 1)

February 2014

I: Mina, you’re so good at sharing.

Mina: It’s hard when I’m mad.

I: You’re right…

Mina: Only happy kids can do it.

Papa & I: You’re so right.

Mina: It’s not nice when you don’t share.

Papa: Yeah, it’s hard when you don’t have enough…but it’s okay, we always do what’s right.

Mina: Bad people don’t share. I’m not bad people; I’m good people, right Papa. I share!