festa @ casa di mina

Continuing to practice the art of loving, one shared meal at a time 🙂

Gallery: Photos from November – February. Click on a photo to enlarge and view as a slideshow;  I’ve provided links to online recipes when available.

If you missed these, please check out manja manja, Minathe art of loving: food, and meals, desserts, and snacks for Mina.


♥ Happy Birthday Bambalina ♥ Big 2 ♥

Before Mina was born and before we knew the gender of the baby at birth, we had a nickname for the baby in my womb: Bambalina, an Italian name that means, “little girl.”  We loved the sound and rhythm of that name. “Bambalino, if it’s a boy,” we joked. Now, our Bambalina Mina is 2! So fast yet so distant, she’s grown and changed so much since we first met her two years ago.

We see each of us in her. Her calm attentiveness is my husband. Her stubborn defiance, me. Her endless curiosity and sweet playfulness, us.

She is our perfect and precious gift. We love you, Mina Marie!

Big 2 and big kiss to Hello Kitty!