one perfectly good day at a time

In my previous post, RB’s life lessons to revisit daily, I highlighted a few of RB’s life lessons that serendipitously resonated with me.

46. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

Back in 2009, I wrote, “Yet another dawn of submission, relenting to euphoric, effortless sleep. To drift off and away, to sink, float, and drown in weightlessness. What lies beneath this deliberate momentum to be swallowed in sleep? Laziness or torture? Pleasure or punishment? Is it a giving up or a giving in? A release? A surcease?” in this piece, “Seduction.” In fleeting moments, this same desire to be “swallowed in sleep” visits unannounced.

Unlike before, staying in bed all day is not an option because I have Mina, so I get up; but to be honest, there are days when I spend all day in my PJs, too lazy even to dress.  Almost always, I feel like a bum, like I wasted away a perfectly good day. All it took to avoid this, is to literally change. Changing out of PJs into even jeans and t-shirt made all the difference. It didn’t matter what I changed into, all it mattered was that I changed. This has been on my mind for some time; how serendipitous to come across this life lesson now, like a nod from the universe.

This life lesson made me realize that each day, each perfectly good day deserves my respect. My respect to get dressed and greet the day. My respect to show up and live the day. My respect to put my best self forward. Each perfectly good day carries with it a gift only for me. A gift that would never be realized in indifference or laziness. A gift that would be lost to a lackadaisical one. It’s up to me then, to show respect and receive the gift it carries, one perfectly good day at a time.


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