a perfect walk in Bodega Bay

a perfect walk in Bodega BayI love watching Mina and Papa together. Here, they share a perfect walk in Bodega Bay. Picking a flower or two  for Gaga; talking to a worm, birdies, and doggies along the way; all the while, holding hands and commenting on all that’s “pretty,” one of Mina’s favorite words.

I love to watch their playfulness, laughter, chitter-chatter, and even slapstick silliness. I love their closeness as daddy and daughter, which I respect and honor from a distance. Knowing Mina shares a special bond with her Papa makes me happy and proud beyond words. Something I never shared with my Papa (I know it’s never too late…something I hope to share with my Papa, too). Something I always dreamed for my child.

Each of our own relationship with Mina is just as important as our bond as a family. No, it’s not a competition, I know that now. Mina needs and deserves the space, time, support, and love to explore all of her relationships because each is unique with its own gifts and wonders.

I have to say, I’ve learned so much already from watching Mina and Papa together. We can all learn and grow from each other, only if we want to.


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    I love contemplating the tiny beauties of this world. Because they are tiny and beautiful, you can learn, enjoy, remember and share them easily.

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